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If you are considering applying for Talent Academy but have some unanswered questions then be sure to check out our FAQ section below. 

Here you will find all the answers to questions posed by our trainees and candidates. These range from assessment day information to course content and program certifications.

Talent Academy is much more than a training program;  it’s a full-time job with Cloudreach! 

Talent Academy is about setting up our trainees for long term success!

Here is the talent academy website:

The program kicks off with 10 weeks of immersive training to build a deep foundation in AWS Cloud skills. Classroom training may be shortened if the whole cohort has already completed cloud training with a partner organisation.

Training prepares each individual for hands-on experience in a supportive project environment.

The journey is designed to be completed in two years, building a foundation of knowledge in layers for trainees. We tailor the learning experience for individuals and have the trainees do as much hands-on work as possible, including  initial customer engagements under close supervision of senior engineers. 

By the completion of training (two years or less, depending on the individual) trainees are expected to work more independently and begin providing  value to on customer projects. 

Talent Academy members work regular business hours – the same as a regular Cloudreach employee.

  • Candidates who are passionate about cloud technologies
  • University graduates and non-graduates
  • No experience necessary – but customer experience is always welcome!
  • Possesses key transferable skills, such as strong communication ability 
  • Individuals who can provide real-world examples of meetups, coding courses, certifications completed, etc. 
  • A high level of commitment  to learning; Talent academy training is intensive and has a steep learning curve.

We do not sponsor visas for the Talent Academy and instead look for candidates who already have the existing right to work in their country of residence. This is because it can be a complex and lengthy process to obtain the right to sponsor, and this doesn’t fit with the current 2 year design of Talent Academy.

Trainees are paid a competitive salary from day one, along with having eligibility for regular employee benefits

Bonuses/incentives are available for achieving clearly defined certifications and performance KPI’s.

Talent Academy is open to applicants that can attend full-time.  We are open to college graduates with a great attitude, a technology background, and a genuine passion for the cloud. 

Cloudreach has a hybrid work policy with a strong local hub culture. Your workplace will depend on the needs of the customer, which may require you to work onsite.

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Maybe you’re already working in technology, or you’re starting to explore the industry from scratch, perhaps you dream of an exciting career shift straight into the heart of technology?

Well, regardless of your background, the Talent Academy program will help you make a glorious entrance onto the most desired technology platforms of the future. 

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