Application Process

How to start your cloud journey

If you are considering applying for the next cohort in your region then this page is an invaluable resource.

Here you will find a step by step guide to the Talent Academy application process, how it works and what to prepare for. 

Candidate criteria

We’re looking for people who share our values, mission, and vision, who are eager to learn about technology, or want to turn their passion for solving problems with code into a career. 

So we will be looking for the following set of skills:

  • Candidates who are wanting to progress from roles where they
    may not be reaching their full potential in their current company.

  • Tech enthusiasts who pursue their interest in coding by attending tech meetups or coding courses but aren’t currently
    in a technical role.

  • Candidates who are wanting to return to the tech industry.

  • Anyone who is enthusiastic about coding and learning

Experience Required

We cherish passion & attitude way above specific experience. So show us your eagerness for Cloud technologies and hunger for learning.

Candidate criteria

Stage 1

CV/Resumé submission and screening

The first stage of the application process is to submit your current CV or resumé.

The course leadership team will review your skills and experiences along with your previous employment history before inviting success applicants through to stage 2.

Stage 2

½ day assessment

Candidates will be invited to attend a ½ day physical or virtual assessment which will combine competency based interviews and group based exercises.

A typical schedule for the day includes:

  • Welcome and Introductions (time for Q&A)

  • Interview with:
    – Engineer (e.g. Cloud Systems Developer)
    – Manager (e.g. Professional Services Manager)

  • Group exercise (teams of 4-6, 45 mins) We will give an intro and provide a brief on a topic to discuss within your group and present back the outcomes to the Cloudreach assessors.

  • Wrap up (time for Q&A) 

Apply to our next intake

Maybe you’re already working in technology, or you’re starting to explore the industry from scratch, perhaps you dream of an exciting career shift straight into the heart of technology?

Well, regardless of your background, the Talent Academy program will help you make a glorious entrance onto the most desired technology platforms of the future. 

Watch this space for dates of our next cohort intake. Register your interest using the contact us form below.