About Talent Academy

Changing the cloud recruitment narrative

Talent Academy was launched in 2021 after 18 months of planning with AWS. The academy was founded to remove barriers from recruitment, and open the cloud tech industry to people from all backgrounds.

In partnership with globally distributed, but locally focused non-profit organizations, the Talent Academy recruits passionate talent from all experience levels and provides them a two year bootcamp style experience. This gives the trainees multiple cloud certifications over 24 months, all while working as billable engineers. 

Creating new opportunities

Creating new opportunities

One of the key aims of the Cloudreach Talent Academy is to improve diversity in the tech industry. This has historically been a key challenge within the sector:

1. Source: State of European Tech 2020 

2. Source: Women tech network

In Europe, just 2% of the tech workforce are from Black, African or Caribbean backgrounds¹

and just 17% of tech workers are women²

in 2022 over


of organizations reported the skills shortage to be severely impacting growth.


In tech, just


Black candidates and 6.6% Latinx candidates are being hired by major companies.


Cloud Skills shortage icon

of IT leaders plan to expand modern software engineering & cloud environments yet 80% say skills shortages are holding them back.


Addressing the cloud talent shortage

The rapid adoption of cloud has led to a shortage in cloud skills. Over 50% of organizations are reporting its effects to be severely impacting growth.

Talent Academy is leading the charge to address this skills gap and to partner with non-profits to reach diverse talent which addresses some of the current industry challenges.

View the Cloud Trends report: The Rise of the Cloud Native Enterprise.

The Talent Academy Journey

The academy trainees will start their Cloudreach career by enrolling on to a two year program with a clearly defined progression pathway.

The program kicks off with a 10 week immersive training to build a deep foundation in AWS Cloud skills. This will prepare the trainees for hands-on experience in a supportive project environment.

Over the two years academy trainees will work in customer engagements building depth and breadth of knowledge in a variety of cloud technologies. They will be supported on the two year journey by trainers, mentors, line managers and by more experienced members of their project teams. As they gain experience they will be given more responsibilities, along the way, trainees will gain a number of AWS Certifications.

Talent Academy Journey

with AWS

Cloudreach and AWS will collaborate closely to ensure academy trainees receive the highest quality learning experience. The education program will pair best-in-class resources and content from AWS Training and Certification, with Cloudreach real-world customer experience, to give trainees an immersive experience that features a rich curriculum of cloud topics.

During the program successful trainees will achieve a number of AWS certifications which will enable them to work unsupervised on customer projects, while providing a solid foundation for their future careers in tech.

The Talent Academy is part of Cloudreach’s Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS. The wide-ranging agreement will mean an acceleration of the companies’ joint go-to-market proposition, along with investments in Cloudreach software innovation, and geographical expansion.